Sunday, 14 December 2014

German Christmas Biscuits

German biscuits. German CHRISTMAS biscuits! Ok, the triangle shaped ones aren't really Christmas biscuits, but they taste super-duper good so I doubt anyone will complain.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Drumsticks & vegetables

The_above is my lunch for the next five days. Total cost, $12.62 (this doesn't include salt, pepper and butter). So per day, that's around $2.50.

Beagles Big Day Out - 7 December 2014

Today Alan and I went on a walk (the Beagles Big Day Out) with the Beagle Club of NSW :D The walk took place around the park on Canal Road, Leichhardt. After the walk, there was a BBQ for lunch (the beagles were very interested in this!), an obedience demonstration and a visit from SANTA! Some photos from the day are below.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Low Carb Sydney - 29 November 2014

Yesterday I attended Low Carb Sydney, a series of talks on the low carb/high fat diet, held at Sydney University. Speakers included Jimmy Moore, Dr Stephen Phinney, Dr Peter Bruckner, Guy Lawrence, Sarah Wilson, Dr Kieron Rooney and Dr Rod Tayler. I've included some of my favourite points/facts/questions below. My science background ends at year 12 chemistry, so I've kept things very simple. If you do want to look at the science behind all of this, a good place to start would be the links above.