Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Happy Inn via Menulog, Penrith

There are some things that a lot of people do/have done that I haven't. For example, I have never bought a magazine, I have never watched Star Wars (I don't even know what it is and I until last Saturday, I had never ordered takeaway to be delivered to my house. Thanks to Menulog, I now have a tick next to the 'order takeaway to be delivered' box.

I was contacted by Menulog, who kindly gave me a $30 voucher to use on the website, which is 'No 1 for online takeaway'. Sounded good to me. I had never ordered takeaway before, so was interested to see what ordering online with Menulog would be like.

So, I logged onto the Penrith Takeaway and Delivery Online page at 5.40pm-ish to place my order. I typed in my postcode and a list of restaurants/takeaway places appeared.

Alan and I decided to give a Happy Inn, a Chinese restaurant a try.

After clicking on the name of the restaurant, the_menu was displayed and I simply scrolled down to the items I wanted to order and clicked the 'add' button. Selected items were placed into my shopping basket and a running total cost was displayed on the right of the screen.

We ordered garlic king prawns ($18.30), Szechuan chili beef ($13.90) and sliced pork with pine nuts ($15.10). Happy Inn gave me a 15% discount as it was my first order and delivery was charged at $1.80. In total, the meal was $42.

After recording my address, phone number and credit card details, the order was submitted. An SMS confirmation was received not long afterwards, advising that the order would be delivered in around an hour.

Around 40-50 minutes later, the food arrived.

I live in a dark laneway that can be a bit hard to find, so well done to the delivery driver for finding my flat!


The_garlic prawns were certainly garlic-ey, which was a good thing. We were however disappointed with the range of vegetables accompanying them - just onion. That said, this was my favourite dish of all three.

The_Szechuan chilli beef was not as hot/spicy as I expected. Again, not too much variety in the vegetables - just capsicum.

The_sliced pork with pine nuts was the most interesting dish of the night. The pork was in some soft of sweet yet salty sauce and accompanied with seaweed, which was also sweet and salty. I can't make up my mind whether I liked this or not.

The three dishes were certainly enough for two people - we were so full afterwards! We had only a tiny bit of the pork left over. We noted the food contained a lot of meat and sauce but little in the way of vegetables.

Overall, I am sad to say neither of us would order from Happy Inn again. I am sure this food would appeal to some, but we are both fans of more vegetables and less sauce with this type of food.

Menulog experience
Overall, ordering with Menulog was very easy and stress free. I would use it again should I order takeaway.

  • Simple ordering process - website is user friendly.
  • Payment is simple and online (no need to have cash on hand in order to pay the delivery driver).
  • Menus from a variety of restaurant/takeaway places are listed on the website, so you can browse around and see what you would like to eat/order.
  • You do not need to create an account with a username and password to order. I liked this a lot!
  • My internet was pretty slow when I ordered, so it probably would have been quicker to order over the phone in this particular case.

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  1. Yeah a very big thanks to Menolog... Hope to visit there soon.