Sunday, 1 June 2014

Possibly the best grain free banana bread

Last_weekend's plan was to go on a big walk in Sprngwood. Unfortunately, upon our arrival in Springwood we noticed the track was closed due to aerial burning. Hmm. What would we do with all the bananas we packed for our walk? Banana bread. That's what.

Searching, searching around the internet for a simple grain free banana bread recipe.

I found one and a good one too!

Banana bread using coconut flour on Comfy Belly.

I really liked the short and simple ingredient list: bananas, eggs, honey, vanilla, baking soda, salt and coconut flour. I had all of these in the cupboard! Yay! :)

I_followed each step as listed on Comfy Belly. The only 'substitution' I made was using honey over maple syrup.

The result?

One epic banana bread.

Due_to the high moisture content (3 bananas and 3 eggs), this is a very moist banana bread.

If you like banana pudding, eat this warm straight from the oven.

If you want a bread/cake, let it cool completely before cutting/moving it from the baking tin.

I've made this twice now with no hastles. This is a recipe for the 'pool room'.


  1. Mmmmm cake. From RoyCat.

  2. Great looking Banana bread - Cannot believe it is grain-free...